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How can services be initiated?
1)   Direct physician referral for requested rehab services, telephoned to the Total Rehab office.
2)  Telephone request for rehab services from the patient, caregiver, or parent to the Total Rehab office. If needed,              

     Total Rehab will contact the patient’s primary physician for a referral authorization.

3)  Request from specific area hospitals or another facility to contract rehab services from Total Rehab for their      

4)  Referral to Total Rehab office from pediatric case manager/service coordinator.

Is the home/daycare the best setting to provide pediatric therapy services?
Answer: Yes

The home and/or daycare is the most natural environment for the delivery of therapeutic care. It gives the therapist the opportunity to interact and provide instruction/modeling to the caregiver, to see the child's interaction with peers in the natural environment, and to evaluate the child in familiar surroundings.


Is the primary physician involved in my care?
Answer: Yes

For pediatric patients, the doctor is contacted and approval to evaluate and treat is received before services are initiated.  Every patient has a primary physician who is then contacted every 6 months with an updated Plan of Care and request for continued treatment.  


What Insurance can Total Rehab bill?

Please call our office concerning your insurance coverage for our rehab services.

We do accept Medicaid and Healthchoice insurances.

Total Rehab can bill Out of Network insurance for:  BCBS, Cigna, and United Healthcare.   

Total Rehab cannot bill Tricare or Duke Select Wellpath insurances.




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