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Physical Therapy

Child Activity

Physical Therapy includes those services necessary to address the promotion of:

a.  Sensorimotor function through the enhancement of musculoskeletal status.

b.  Neurobehavioral organization.

c.  Perceptual and motor development.

d.  Cardiopulmonary status.

e.  Effective enviromental adaptation.


Specific problems and diagnoses requiring services from the physical therapist include:

1. Developmental delays in motor achievement          
2. Post operative complications                                       
3. Birth defects, amputations of limbs.                             

4. Head injuries and accidental traumatic injuries.  

5. Cerebral palsy

6. Prematurity and developmental problems. 

7. Spina bifida      

8. Autism or mental challenges. 

9. Muscular dystrophy  


An on-going assessment is continued throughout treatment to determine progress toward goals and the need to update goals.  The client is discharged from therapy when targeted skills reach an age of appropriate level or when maximum improvement is made.


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