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Speech Language Pathology

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Infants and children requiring speech language pathology services are in need of treatment to address receptive and expressive language delays, speech disorders, or feeding/swallowing difficulties.  Evaluations of skills in these areas are performed to determine current skill levels and appropriate goals for intervention.


Speech Therapy intervention would be beneficial to those clients with specific problems and diagnoses of:


  • Speech Sound Disorders:

    • Articulation/phonological processes      

    • Apraxia of Speech  

  • Receptive and/or Expressive Language Delay

  • Severe Expressive Language Disorder requiring Augmentative and Alternative Communication Training

  • Stuttering

  • Dysphagia/ Swallowing Disorder  


On-going assessments are performed throughout treatment to

determine progress toward goals, need for continued therapy, and updating/creating new goals.  The client is discharged from therapy when targeted skills reach an age of appropriate level or when maximum improvement is made.

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