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Occupational Therapy

Group Coloring

Occupational Therapy intervention would be beneficial to those clients with specific problems and diagnoses of:


  1. Development or neurological delays in childhood progression, autism,

       birth defects, traumatic injuries, post surgeries or illnesses, orthopedic

       problems, and any upper extremity amputations.

  1. Increased difficulties with fine motor skills such as handwriting, using

       scissors, dressing problems with buttons or zippers.

  1. Difficulties with sensory processing, as in disliking certain food textures or smells, touch and feeding problems.

  2. Helping the child to improve his/her self help skills (dressing, bathing, etc).

  3. Thinking skills such as sequencing (put on socks before Shoes), cause and effect skills.

  4. Pre-school skills such as difficulties following directions, self direction,

       listening skills.

  1. Consultation for providing adaptive equipment to maximize the child’s

       functional ability.


An on-going assessment is continued throughout treatment to determine progress toward goals and the need to update goals.  The client is discharged from therapy when targeted skills reach an age of appropriate level or when maximum improvement is made.


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